History and Efficiency of

T hai-M assage-T raditional

The Thai -Massage-Traditional was developed by Buddha's friend and personal physician Jivakar Kumar Bhaccha more than 2,500 years ago in India.
It made its way to Thailand, where principles and techniques of traditional Chinese medicine have been affected.

The best part of Thai -Massage-Traditional (nuad phaen boran = ancient healing touch), as with Yoga,
by stretch positions and stretching movements, joint mobilization and pressure point massage the muscles of oxygen consumed and the person is stimulated to breathe deeply, the oxygen in the blood increases, the internal organs are affected positively and the spirit is soothed.


While the work of the massage therapist can be quite relaxed. Press it with palms, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet on selected energy lines (sen sip) and Marma points (acupressure points) that run by "aryurvedic" teaching through the organism as an energetic system, the body experiences a pleasant diversion.

Operation of the Thai-Massage-Traditional from a scientific point of view:

Relief of all muscle-pains,
refreshment of the immune system thus reducing the stress-hormons in the blood,
furtherance of blood-and lymphflow by activation of the parasympathetic autonomic nerve,
improvement of the body-flexibility by flexure and stretching of muscles, tendons and spine,
by preventing pain-stimulation and activation of the deeper inner small muscle-lines on the spine,
joint movements increase the production of synovial fluid and lead to physical suppleness,
physical well-being and a sense of security can result from gentle touch and lifting technic,

and according to traditional Asian Studies:

Relief from head-, neck-, back-, leg- and knee pain, sleep disturbances, cough, etc.

Especially recommended is the Thai-Massage for those who sit professionally and personally a lot or stand, for head-, neck-, back-, leg- and knee pain, for stressed people, for athletes and for those who want a better condition and relaxation.Massage should be performed on healthy people. Please tell us about health problems.

However, it is n o t suitable for people with very poor condition, high blood pressure or other diseases, because they can not cure diseases, the physician is responsible for this.

Thai - Oil - Massage (TOM)

The Thai-Oil-Massage, which is preferred by most of our clients, the smoother way the muscles massaged among others specifically to the neck, back and lumbar region with oil where massage also heats the strained and hardened little deeper muscles and the massage oil penetrates into the muscle tissue, calming effect on the nervous system acts, stimulate blood circulation and provides a pleasant diversion.

Thai - Hot Stone - Massage (THM)

The Thai-Hot stone-Massage was used 200 years before our era in China. They can be exercised, or combined as a full body or partial massage for neck, back, leg, foot, hand and face. Depending on the problem areas of different sizes natural stones are at 55 to 60 degrees in a water bath heated placed on the tense muscles. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the lower muscles and makes it supple, stimulates the lymphatic system, stimulates the self-healing powers of the body and acts on the Parasymphatikus of the autonomic nervous system. Not to apply the hot stone massage is in hypertension and inflammatory or infectious skin disease.